Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thesis Update!

My thesis has been sent to my 'god-knows-who' second examiner! :)


How do I feel about it?







Hopefully, no major corrections la yer. I just want to grad and convo this year :)


Last week marked the 28th week of my twin pregnancy. Therefore, my check-up routine would not be set in a month's time anymore. It has been re-scheduled to two weeks' time since twin pregnancy is said to be a high-risk pregnancy so the idea of seeing your O&G regularly might help in encountering any sticky situations that might crop up later in time. 

For every single check-up done previously, my O&G (Dr. Suriati of Kuantan Medical Centre) confirmed that both of them are boys. When we told Azalea that she's gonna get a couple of kid brothers, she was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Every night she rubs and kisses my tum tum without fail. Not to mention the times where she would help me with the dishes and even give me a massage at the back whenever I need one. Just so you know, superstitious beliefs have null value in my life but I seriously think that one of the old wives' tales about opposite attraction can sometimes be plausible. Azalea is so undetachable from my tummy and I reckon it is due to the fact that I'm carrying two boys! Deep down inside my heart I always pray that she would still portray her random acts of kindness to me and be a good sister to her incoming baby brothers. Aameeenn.

During the first trimester, I lost a few kgs due to morning sickness. Sheesh, I couldnt believe it, morning sickness is nothing fun at all. When I was pregnant with Azalea, I barely vomited.Thrice, yes I vomited for only 3 times throughout my prior pregnancy. So, this whole thing about morning sickness was somewhat new to me. The first trimester is the period of adjusting, so, for me, I had a hard time adjusting to whatever stuff that I had to adjust myself with; hormonal and body changes in particular. I was also swarmed with negative behavior, thinking, aura etc and I felt stress out about a lot of things. None of these occurred during my first pregnancy. Thus, it is affirmative that every pregnancy is different from each other so let's embrace and treasure each pregnancy as if we have never been preggie before :)

From my last visit, I have discovered that:

1) one of them weighed at 900g and in a normal position
    whilst, the the other one weighed at 700g but in a breech position,
2) my placenta was in a low-lying position,
3) and that I might go into labour 3 weeks earlier, in week 37 or so.
4) I gained another 4 kg!

In terms of the boys' weight, nothing is peculiar. But a low-lying placenta is no good because Dr Suriati said I might be experiencing bleeding starting from week 32 and onwards (ok this troubles me much). Nevertheless, she assured me that it could move up on its own but if it still remained at the same position, a c-sect would likely be the answer. oh no!I was dumbstruck! and I know, there is no one that I can turn into except the Most Merciful and Kindness of all. O Dear Allah, please let me go through the natural birthing process again. Aameennn.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I didnt see THEM coming


I am pregnant for the second time.

The only difference in this very recent pregnancy is that...

I'm expecting a pair of twins.
Identical twins, to be exact.

And yet again, Alhamdulillah.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Officially bukan merempat lagi.

Dah masuk umah tapi tak dan nak upload pixies. Umah still in a mess! Mane nk ngemas bebenor ni. Gini la gayenye dah keje. Sheesh..

Bz-bz pun sempat lagi pi scouting for a few pre-schools for my lil peaches, Azalea. Dan lagi berangan nak kasik name next daughter Amal Jasmine. Takim kate best..Tapi kalau laki? Kalau laki nanti la pikir..Ngandung pun tak lagik...Yang penting boleh tanam bunga azalea ngan melur kat umah..Kalau next rezeki is anak lelaki, takkan nak taruk nama bunga..abeh nak tanam pokok ape plak erk?

I think my house tu is too big untuk 3 people. Rasenye kena pregnant setahun sorg nak kasik meriah satu rumah tapi boleh ke jage?Hmm...That's the question theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...................

Speaking of kindy, rasenye cam dah jatuh chenta sama itu IIUM EDUCARE kat UIA Kuantan tu..Pegi usha line sat haritu..memang tangkap cinta abeh dah ni. Takim felt the same way too. So, we have decided to send Azalea to IIUM EDUCARE at UIA Kuantan. Dah kalau maknye UIA-bred mestila nak stamp uia gak kat dahi anaknye.theheheheheh. I just love being in that environment, I hope she will too.

Sekian, entry yang memang tak sampai 5 minit nak type ni..

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A sister's grief is another sister's mourn.

I could empathy you my grieving sister 
 here I am mourning about it too
 I reckon, we are not relevant to her anymore.
What a sad, sad situation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The one who must not be named!

You are so bloody annoying.
You are so bloody annoying.
You are so bloody annoying.

My wish:

You are not more than a parasite,
Who sucks the life out of me.

Only If I could turn back time and make things undone,
I would abstain myself for sure from these shenanigans.

My self-reflection:

God is great I must tell you right,
He knows things that I know-not.
People come to our life for a reason,
and your presence is nothing but a nuisance.

Your existence serves as a grim reminder,
for me to become more intact with reality.
And that people like you should be shunned altogether,
just to keep myself in sanity.

I learned this the hardest way,
but hey, God works in a mysterious way. 
This is surely a blessing from Him,
a lesson in disguise is all I can claim.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unemployed No More.

3 years of living a non-routine life has come to an end.  Face it, sista! The 23rd of  October 2012 marks the commencement of my daily 8-hour working life. Sungguh indahnye time buat masters, my timetable was scheduled in any way I wish for sure. Tapi, wake up! It is time for me to really work on something to financially contribute to this family. More money means more kids on the way. Love that idea.

From Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. Hijrah. Takim kata, nk ade big fat perubahan kna berhijrah dulu..So, I hope our decision to move to and stay in Kuantan was truly guided by Allah because He knows the best. I believe that Kuantan is the best place to raise our kid(s) to be humble and unmaterialistic. Despite of these, for sure I'm gonna miss KLCC-mothercare especially, good food (Chillis, Tony Roma's, Ben's, kedai mihun sup bukit antarabangsa ku itu), IKEA, JJ, Little Whizz, umah Chu, my Seri Puteri neighbors and UIA even more! 

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, here's to a new chapter of my life!